A Tesla owner in Canada is not impressed with the company after he was quoted close to $28,000 to replace the battery – even though the issue began when his car was reportedly still under warranty.

TikTok user Mario Zelaya (@supermariozelaya) has more than 11 million views on his original video explaining his situation. “My piece of trash Tesla completely died,” he said. “Everything’s completely dead.”

According to Zelaya, the air conditioner condensing unit hose leaked water onto the battery, ruining it. He was locked out of the vehicle completely and the battery replacement cost was estimated at $28,000.


My opinion: Tesla shut down my car over the air because my videos after refusing to pay for a new battery. #tesla #car

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In a longer video, Zelaya goes into detail on the background and explains how Tesla is failing its owners in his opinion.

When a TikTok user who called themselves an owner of a Model S for six years said that Zelaya was “completely and utterly full of BS,” Mario came with receipts.

Zelaya maintained that he had spent over $142,000 for the Tesla, and a new battery would cost $28,000 with tax and provided a TD bank receipt and an estimate from Tesla as proof. The funds are in Canadian Dollars. Zelaya, who expressly stated he didn’t want to give Tesla any more money, said he has sold the car to a new buyer.

He’s warning people to not buy Teslas and hopes that his story can serve as a warning to others.

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