Nightlife is like a fairy tale and often we can realize our dreams and be who we really are. And you are sitting in the office, looking at your laptop, drinking coffee and holding a stamp, accumulating stress, and inside you is raging that lion or beautiful seductive beauty or princess that needs to be saved.
So what beckons us so at night? Release all your hidden demons?

If one of you shows me at least one normal person who did not have night fantasies, I will still not believe it. A magical fairy tale that can be in reality. The night is like a dark forest. Where people show their secret inner world. What they are… Their Split. Call it what you want, but the meaning does not change.
During the day, she is a wonderful mother, a wonderful housewife, and at night her braids become like silk, and her skin and body beg for various love stories and adventures…

The male side of a wild tiger or lion, a cauldron, and during the day a simple wage earner, father and husband.
Did everyone feel that second person inside of you?
And now for those who want to have the skills of a lion and a seductive sorceress without being tied to time or occasion, we make it a rule! Never forget to love yourself and enjoy yourself. A warm breeze should blow from you and you will illuminate everything and everyone around you with your rays. Accept yourself and love yourself. Yes, love yourself, accept and create stories both during the day and at night. And don’t forget that happiness loves when doors are opened to it. Who among you has sex on weekends, or on holidays, or once a week, but you dream of being confident but don’t know where to start?

Loans and responsibilities take away those beautiful moments of happiness and pleasure. After all, your body is controlled by your brain, so don’t let it take away your orgasm from food or sex. Remove programming that has been in development for years since you were born. Beating separates your consciousness. You can get an orgasm from anything. A happy mother is a happy child, things will go well and the children will be well-educated and the husband will be fed with caresses and tenderness, and believe me, he will not need anyone except you. A woman’s place is not in the kitchen and not in the workplace, but in the bedroom and on the sampred, you need it just a little bit to release your split and get pleasure.

As for men, we all long for love and a man longs for love even more than a woman. Intimate, the most necessary thing for a man, neither pizza nor cooking masterpieces can replace true passion. The lion himself will dove and give a hundred times more for minutes of happiness! So don’t keep yourself in a hat and open yours and expand your horizons, grow. I will have more articles on this topic, stay tuned to the blog, be happy. Your Mila.

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