The loud sound of sirens. Everyone will remember this ominous morning for so long. Russia started a war with us. Every Ukrainian couldn’t believe that this happened to our peaceful country.

The war also came to me and my children.

Being completely confused and in deep horror, we took everything we could and left our home. A year has already passed and we are far from the war, but the horrors of those days do not leave us. Many Ukrainians still remain in their native land and are dying. Many of them have left their own country and took their families away.

Airport. I arrived with two suitcases and two children of different ages with me

The beautiful country, Canada opened its doors to us. I was thinking for along time, which location to choose, and we’ve made the right choice. We were sheltered by the beautiful city of Montreal.

A city with its own history and wonderful people. It hurts to remember the most difficult period of our lives, but today I want to talk about amazing person who’s name knows every businessman in Montreal.

Renting an apartment, what’s next? The language that I can hardly understand, the lack of acquaintances, no friends, no job… The extreme situation and the questioning eyes of the children forced the emigrant to solve all of these problems!

Through groups of social networks and multiple forums, I’ve found out that there is Ukrainian Newcomers Centre «La Terrasse» where volunteers work tirelessly every day. There is so many people like us, and they were only ones to help! I was standing in a big line, women from “La Terrasse” kindly approached me and offered help. Provided clothes and calmed down.

By the year passing, there was only more and more newcomers. Each of them has it’s own needs and problems. it was the only place where we got this much understanding and support.

The founder of “La Terrasse” is Igor Ezril, Volunteer, and very great man! In newcomers centre, they help not only with clothes, but also with food, employment, household appliances, laptops, psychological support, language courses, solve various everyday problems etc. Volunteers overcame difficulties, made commitments to help, and every day opened their arms to new people! A year has passed by. Igor Ezril was presented with a well-deserved award as a volunteer of the year statuette at RSJ PHILANTHROPY, where all his close friends and employees of the “La Terrase” centre shared it with him, since everyone contributed to helping refugees.

What his friends say about him:

“Igor is a wonderful person, friend and family man”.

“Igor has a big heart and helps a lot of people”.

“Igor helped both during the pandemic and from the start of the war”.

“Igor is very kind, sympathetic and generous”.

As the famous writer M. Gorky said:

“Love for people is, after all, those wings on which a person rises above everything.” 

Family and good deeds, is two Igor’s wings!  

As Igor himself says, he helps because he has such an opportunity. 

And if not him, then who? His friend Oksana Pasternak said with a smile.

I will also add from myself: Brave, proud, modest. These qualities are so lacking now! And you know what else? I haven’t seen people like Igor for a long time. He promised, and he fulfilled his promises! Today, on 12th of May, Igor Ezril celebrates his birthday! We all want to wish him many years of living! Let the sun always shine above his head, illuminating his life path, with the blue sky! Always good people in his life and everything else he already got.

We wish Igor health, success, joy and I am very grateful for all the help he provides to everyone in our city!


We will never forget your kindness! A big heart, like the ocean, never freezes.


Photo by Mark Grosberg

P.S This article was written with support of Igor’s family.

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