Since ecommerce and dropshipping business became trend of the recent years, competiotion of products and suppliers only started to grow on markets. And of course it means that it`s only getting harder for begginer sellers to choose the right niche and profitable product.

Today we are going to tell you how to find product and stop confusing yourself with marketers of stuff you are not be able to ever sell. First of all you have to understand this basic rules of ecommerce selling:

  • The product should not be fragile and easy to ship – Because we are going to be shipping products through the mail, you can avoid most headaches if you choose a product to sell that won’t break during shipment.
  • The product should not take up much physical space – Certain ecommerce business models require carrying inventory so it’s in your best interests to choose something small to sell and preferably an item that fits in a shoebox.
  • The product’s inherent value should be ambiguous – For example, I would never sell electronics because there is a set value for your goods that everyone is aware of. On the contrary, keepsakes and informational goods are much harder to place a price tag on.
  • The product should be timeless – Once again, I would never sell electronics because they lose value the longer they stay on the shelves
  • Avoid seasonal goods – In general, you don’t want to choose products that are only purchased during a specific time of year. For example, I would tend to avoid selling Halloween costumes.
  • Sell goods that sell from $15-200 – This is the sweet spot for pricing for online purchases.

Even better to sell goods up to 30-40$ and not buy from suppliers that sell products up to 5$ per unit. This is golden rules which is going to help you with basic understanding, but how can you apply them to a specific niche? First of all you have to find one.

As i already said in one of my videos “Sales is needs, and we understand what people need”. If you will understand what other people around you need you can start the whole marketing plan without any doubt. For product research is good to use such tools as:


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